ABH Falls To UI Junior Team In Volleyball


– Onyekachi Osondu, ABH Press

On Thursday, the 26th of April 2019 the ABH volleyball team took part in an exhibition match against the junior volleyball team of University of Ibadan.
Things were moving according to plan for the ABH team as they came out firing, taking the first two sets in swift and efficient fashion stamping their authority on the game with teamwork and versatility showing all the fruits of their training.
However, in the 3rd set the UI team finally found their legs and began to fight back. After finding their footing and rhythm the UI team became difficult to break down and caused the ABH team a lot of problems. The ABH volleyball team being unable to find solutions to the questions asked by the UI team lost the coordination and grit they started the day with and lost not only the 3rd set but the 4th set as well. At this point the game was tied at 2-2.

In the fifth and final set where the stamina and strength of both teams were called to question. Tiredness began to set in as the exhaustion from the previous four sets could be seen on the faces of the players of both teams. In the end it was the UI volleyball team that came out on top taking the final set 25points to the 22 points of the ABH team. The UI team hence clinched the game 3 sets to 2.

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