ABH Elections 2022: Electoral Commission chairperson resigns, apologizes to Brownites



Following the chaos that has engulfed Alexander Brown Hall’s political landscape, Mr Oluwaseun Azeez has resigned from his position as the chairperson of ABH electoral commission.

In a copy of his resignation letter which was made available to ABH Press, he highlighted “the level of vitriol, aspersions, and accusations of compromise” that have been directed at him following a misunderstanding. While explaining that he now lacks the will to serve, Mr Oluwaseun Azeez affirmed that “proceeding with an electoral process which Brownites distrust would be very thoughtless”.


This letter of resignation as well as a letter of apology from all the members of the electoral commission was drafted following a resolution by the ABH assembly that mandated “members of the Electoral Commission to get back to the house within the next 12hours as regards their decision to either continue as members of the Electoral Commission or not” and that instructed the “Electoral Commission to write a letter of apology to Brownites to be submitted within the next 12hours as regards the mixup caused in the violation of the constitution”.


Copies of the letters of apology and resignation are captured below.


More details to follow soon


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