It was a rather chilly and windy morning as I waved down a tricycle, clad in my shirt and pants on my way to work. Earlier that morning, it had rained heavily, leaving behind a teeth-chattering cold. Left to me, I wasn’t supposed to be at work on such a day. I should be in bed, with my duvet wrapped tightly around me as I watch TV and sip a hot cup of tea. But I knew it was only wishful thinking.

A few minutes into the journey, a young lady waved the tricycle down and got in. She would have been in her early twenties. Her scent was the first thing to hit me. It was so intoxicating that I had to look away from my phone toward her. Oh, God! She smelled so good, that I felt like licking her skin. It reminded me of the werewolf books I always read when I was younger. The scent of a female werewolf is so strong and irresistible to her mate, the male werewolf, that he would do anything just to be with her. Even when they miss each other, they always somehow found their way back.

She had her long black hair pulled into four ponytails and made a twist of it. It looked so simple and elegant on her head, like a crown that was made just for her. She was wearing a tank top with a really low neckline, I could see her cleavage practically spilling out of the top. She also had a shirt on over the tank top, which I guessed was because of the cold weather.

The weather was not being kind to me as the breeze kept bringing the shirt my way, caressing my skin with it and giving me goosebumps. It took all the willpower in me, and some borrowed from my strict father, to not touch her shiny caramel skin. I could only imagine how soft it would be under my touch.

The tapping sound her nails were making as they came in contact with the screen of her phone was further messing with my head. It was mind tumbling and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I imagined her fingers on my body, dragging those nails through my skin. What I wouldn’t give for such bliss.

I looked up at her face; the way her long eyelashes moved with each blink she made, the movement of her mouth as she chewed slowly on something, and the way she licked her lips to relish the flavour of whatever was in her mouth. I felt like holding her face in my hands and bringing her lips to mine. She must have felt my eyes on her because she looked up at me with those piercing eyes. I had to look away, I couldn’t hold her stare. There was something about her eyes that I couldn’t explain.

Just as I mustered up the courage to talk to her, to at least get her phone number, I heard her sweet voice ask the tricycle to stop. My chest tightened as she alighted and paid the driver. My heart sank as the tricycle moved away from her, taking her farther and farther away from me. Alas, I had missed my chance.

That journey of fewer than ten minutes has since been replaying in my head over and over. I have looked out for her every day ever since, hoping that like the werewolves, our paths will cross again. When that time comes, I will spare no time to talk to her and get to know her better. I solemnly promise.

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    An engrossing write up??

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    Thank you ♥️

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