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Some say the best way to mourn a person is by celebrating their life; remembering their best moments, reminiscing with those close to them, engaging in what they loved, and so on. It is a doctrine that many Nigeria cultures have adopted, each with its individual unique twist. Recently, Nollywood lost one of her stars, Ada Ameh, to a sudden jarring death. During this trying time as we mourn the loss, here is a list of some of her works we can watch or re-watch in honour of a path she dedicated herself to:


It shows the story of a journalist undercover as a prostitute in a bid to expose a human trafficking ring. As expected, things do not go as planned and she finds herself in much scarier situation than she anticipated.


Phone Swap

A fashion designer and her arrogant boss accidentally swap phones at the airport and are subsequently forced to deal with the consequences which include completing each other’s tasks. This movies promises a good laugh.


This follows a man who leaves his family in search of a better life in New York only to vanish without a trace. 25 years later, he reappears determined to be the man his family already learnt to live without.


Tom and Jerry (1 & 2)

Unless you have been living under a rock your entire life, this is one movie that needs no introduction. Regardless, on the off chance that you have, this one stars our favourite comedic duo playing the iconic troublesome Tom and Jerry.


Our Husband

IROKOTV | Our Husband

When the younger of two wives notices her husband is “looking outside”, she begins to worry about her position as the favourite wife. In a bid to secure her position, she does her best to thwart to budding relationship.


Some of her many other commendable works include My Village People, The Johnsons, Ghana Must Go, and King of Shitta. Let’s remember to give some of these a watch as we say our final goodbyes to this talented actress. 

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