It may seem like everything in Alexander Brown Hall is either dying or dead: From the demise of the trees to the death of the Fanawole excitement and now the ABH VENTURES seems to be suffering from a terminal illness, that is on the verge of taking her life.

Over the past one week, Brownites have had to walk out with hanging disappointments over the recurrent inability of the venture to provide them with basic supplies, save for sodas. Nothing appears more shocking than to walk into the VENTURES only to discover that more than half of the shelves are empty, a certain lacklustre festering in the atmosphere.

Speaking today with the Chairman of the ABH VENTURES, Ayodele Odedara on the deteriorating condition, he commented on the challenges faced by members of the VENTURES Committees. “It’s true that stocks have been down however, we plan on restocking to an extent today. Indeed we are facing a bit of a challenge. A regular supply of goods is a main concern as we’ll have to go to markets at odd days if we are to ensure a daily upkeep of the shop. Considering that members of the committee are all students, it’ll be almost impossible to do that..”

He further went on to add that the recent state of things was not as a result of funds, commending the Executive Council for their support, ” We are not having funds issue. The ABH Executive Council has been committed towards improving the shop by ensuring funds are made available. It however doesn’t mean that we don’t need more but in terms of adequacy, they’ve done well. We still plan on sourcing for funds from other sources though.”

Ayodele assured the Hall of underway plans being put in place to ensure adequate supply of goods to the VENTURES, thereby circumventing the current challenge faced by the Committee. “First, I’ll like to apologise to Brownites for the irregularity in supply. Now to addressing the issue, we plan on working with a supplier that will ensure a supply of goods to the venture such that we don’t have to go to the market and also getting goods in large quantities such that goods are made available all through the week. I wouldn’t be giving a specific date but one thing I can promise is that Brownites will see an improvement within the next two weeks.”

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