Did the trees really have to go?



And once again, man is at it, recking havoc to the environment that he is supposed to protect!

Tuesday, August 28, came with an untimely execution of the trees in Alexander Brown Hall, especially those that flourished behind E and F blocks, as members of the Hall management marched gallantly with lumberers brandishing their chainsaws and equipment. Masked in all the katzenjammer, the chants of victory, the trees fell; much to the discomfort of brownites who had to endure the torturous noise in their rooms.

Speaking with the Health Minister of the Hall, Chibuike Nwachukwu, concerning the reason behind the felling of trees, ” There was a tree behind E block which died following the water distribution project work, I guess the root was damaģed during the process. The branches were falling randomly and were damaging pipes and also posed a threat to tanks, pipes and most importantly human life viz cleaners and other people that pass through there, hence the tree had to be cut down. However, the others that were not dead and were cut had there branches extending towards people’s rooms and this could eenable the entry of snakes into people’s room. The porters said they have seen that happen before”

Why then did the entire trees have to go? The Hall management could have decided to cut of the aberrant branches. Whatever happened to “Save the Environment.”

This gratuitous deed to fell all the trees, has not only raised concern among young environmental activitists in the Hall, but has sparked an outrage among many Brownites who questioned the motive behind this.

Even the Hall Chairman, Ogeleyinbo Bodunrin expressed his displeasure at this act, as this action of tree vandalism was carried out in his absence and without his knowledge; likewise the Health Minister.

“I came back to find those trees cut and when I asked those were the responses I got. My opinion was not sought before the action was taken,” Chibuike said.

Man’s activities against his ecosystem is once again exemplified in the Hall management’s gruesome attack against the greenery of ABH, laying to waste sources of shades and cool ; subjecting Brownites to unpurified air and hours of intense heat.

However, since their vandalization, water has flowed superfluosly on the floors of E-block including the shower system; providing easy access to water for domestic uses. Perhaps, from something bitter flows something sweet!

Man should learn to build and not destroy, including the ABH Hall Management

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