9 lives



You are stuck in traffic

in a cab that keeps hiccuping

and coughing

like a child with a nasty bout of cold


Each time the vehicles stop

the cab driver, a disgruntled old man

snoozes off on the steering wheel

so that every time traffic eases

you have to shout “Baba”

to jolt him from his slumber


Soon enough, he is woken again,

and you brace yourself

as he jump starts the car

plunging you forward from your seat

while he belts out “Onikuure

to an okada man swerving into his lane


You finally hit the freeway

but the cab has hicupped its last

and you wonder,

heart thumping in your throat

if it is his nearing the river Styx

or the alcohol you perceive in his breath

that makes him stop his cab

right in the middle of the road

and glide backward, interrupting vehicles racing past,

all in the name of resucitating the cab

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