UCH, IBADAN – Saturday, August 11 witnessed the finals of the B.O. Osuntokun Inter Level UIMSA quiz competition held on the last day of the UIMSA health week. 

Notable guests included the former Sub-Dean of  Clinical Sciences – Dr. Lawal; the Quiz Master – Dr. Daniel, Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist, University College Hospital (UCH); and the Oyo state Commissioner of Youths and Sports – Barrister Yomi Oke.

It was an emotionally charged one as the two magnificent final year teams, 2015 set and the 2014 set, fought till the very end interspersed with the quiz master’s witty nature which made the spectators laugh on several occasions also. The third place match was cancelled due to the event’s proximity to the first MB exam that was supposed to be written by the 2018 MBBS and BDS set who were participants of the match. The final was between the indomitable 2015 set and the brilliant soon to be doctors of the 2014 set.

Ably representing the fierce 2014 set was the Polymath Imodoye Abioro, the Sage Joshua Makinde, the Savant of General Knowledge Ayomide Sadiq and the Maths genius Abdulbakir. Equally standing tall to the task, were the four brave warriors of the 2015 set: the brain box Segun Afolaranmi, the walking encyclopaedia Edward Olufunmilayo, the egghead Jesutofunmi Omiye, and the boffin of General Knowledge Ogooluwatan Odefemi.


 Starting with a brief speech by the UIMSA president, the first section comprised a relatively hard set of general studies questions but the 2015 set came out on top, winning 6 points while their counterparts could not garner any. The second section came in with maths and logic section (there were hardly any logic questions though) in which the 2014 set humiliated their opponents, winning 8:2.

  During the long break that followed, the Nirvana Medscion magazine was introduced by the UIMSA Public Relations Officer and launched by the Oyo state commissioner of Youths and sports who gave a long tirade that was met with mixed reactions of anger and extreme disapproval.

  The second half resumed with the section of the basic medical sciences, clinical sciences, and general knowledge sections, the 2015 set were ahead with 2 points. The leading team went further to cement their position at the top during the blitz segment, winning 25:10.

     In total, the 2015 seized the crown on an aggregate score of 71 points, leading the opposition with 17 points. The 2017 team had a walkover and won the bronze medal.


     The event was a good one that kept the spectators entertained till the last minute. It took place in a well aerated environment and was also a lot more organised than the semi-finals. All present, unanimously nodded to the distasteful speech rendered by the Commissioner, a significant dip in the high of the day


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