As a medical student expenses can become overwhelming, especially in these times of economic downturn. From having to pay for school fees (and its several siblings), to the rising cost of accommodation, the exorbitant cost of gadgets and books for learning and money for upkeep that is never enough. Coupled with these are very tedious medical school postings and short or non-existent holidays. Hence, we will be sharing several ways of making an additional income through your hobbies while being a medical student. After all, you deserve to enjoy life amidst all you’re going through.

1. Online jobs
The internet is now more popular than ever and the trend of online jobs has grown significantly. Online job platforms like Upwork, and Indeed exist to provide freelance jobs for writers, copywriters, and graphic designers, amongst others. Sometimes, these platforms can be quite competitive, so social media platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and so on, are a great alternative. They help you showcase your skills, grow your brand and get customers. Find what works for you and if you keep at it long enough, you may even generate revenue through engagements.

2. Small Businesses
Starting a business seems like a difficult task for a medical student but it is not an impossible one. The key is to acquire a skill which can range from fashion design, to make-up, bag making  and cooking, amongst others. In return, you will be equipped to establish a small business of your own. Another option is to make enquiries about the needs of your fellow medical students. This can range from medical materials to personal needs (clothes, shoes etc). When you know the needs of your target market, you can start to sell the items and meet those needs. Whatever you do, just make sure you are involved in a business that best suits you. And trust me, if there is anything I have learnt in this place, it is that medical students have money. They will be sure to patronize you.

3. Competitions and Scholarships
There are vast opportunities for competitions and scholarships for medical students. The competitions range from creativity contests (art, music, poem) to innovation contests and hackathons, essay writing contests, quizzes and public speaking contests, amongst others. Additionally, these double as avenues to hone skills and win money in return. You will be killing two birds with a stone. There are also scholarships from both public and private institutions and individuals. COMUI also has the Sponsor-A-Student program. Simply apply for as many opportunities as you’re eligible for and as the saying goes; you win some, you lose some.

4. Tutoring
If you love to teach, then this is for you. Secondary school, post-secondary school and A-level students are always preparing for exams. As a medical student who has written and passed these exams, you might just have to revise these subjects to be qualified to tutor them. If you are wondering where to get students to tutor, the schools, lessons and tutorial centres in your environment should be your first target.

5. YouTube
YouTube is becoming a source of income for many. You can create a YouTube channel, take some of your time to create videos and upload them. These can be medical-related videos or videos relating to your other areas of interest (lifestyle, gaming, make-up, fashion and so on). Your payment will depend on the popularity of the videos that you upload and the number of subscribers that you have. You will need to hone your content creation skills, and publicity and marketing skills as well. But if you get it right, it will all be worth it.


It can be very relieving to have hobbies that you can return to after the stress of Medical school. However, it is even more fun and enticing is if these hobbies bring you money. Although the items listed above will not make you rich, you will at least smile when you receive credit alerts.

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