In the past two weeks, Alexander Brown Hall has recorded multiple suspected cases of the delta wave of COVID-19. This has changed a lot of things in the hall, the washing hand basins have now been put into use, the ‘control’ of one of the taps is even broken. Brownites now check their temperature before being allowed to gain entry into the hall. The Catar building which used to be occupied by foreign students is now being used as an isolation centre for suspected cases in the hall. Brownites have a lot of questions on their minds, one of which ABH press will be responding to today.

ABH Press interviewed some Brownites in isolation, however, they opted to stay anonymous. According to our first respondent, as an answer to what her day is like in isolation: ‘Well, I wake up, attend online class, watch movies, knit, think and I read sometimes’. Our second respondent who has been discharged said: My day was gloomy, sleepy and unproductive when I was sick. Subsequently, it got better, was still slow and drab though.

We also wanted to know how many days is spent in isolation. Our discharged respondent said she spent eight days in isolation while the other respondent says: ‘I’ve been here for 7 days, today makes it 8days. From the 1st day, you’re made to do the COVID-19 test and then after about 5 days, you’ll do the test again to confirm. If after the 2nd test you’re still negative you’ll be released but if positive you’ll be asked to stay for 5 or 7 more days’.

On the criteria for discharge, our respondent says ‘you have to be relieved of all your initial symptoms, feel very well (this was very important to the executives taking care of us) and of course, test negative to COVID-19’.

On their final say to Brownites, stay safe, eat well, rest well and sleep well and even if you do contract the virus, it’s just a bump you’ll get over. Our discharged respondent wants Brownites to know that: ‘Covid-19 is reallllll??. Wear your masks, sanitize regularly and take the other necessary precautions!’

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