Mr Uzor David has been sworn in as the Health and Sanitation Minister of Alexander Brown Hall. According to the constitution of the Hall, any aspirant for the office of Health and Sanitation Minister must have served in the Hall Assembly or in a committee relevant to the office. Although Mr Uzor was a member of the Hall Assembly in the last tenure, he was deemed to not have served as he did not meet the mandatory 70% attendance. Mr Uzor had however served in the planning committee for the medical and dental outreach of The Forum in collaboration with ABH, which could serve to qualify him for the office, though it is not a committee within the Hall. 

During the deliberations in its first ordinary meeting which held on Friday, 4th August 2023, the Hall Assembly noted that it was the job of the Electoral Committee to vet aspirants for positions in the Hall and deem them eligible. It was noted that the Electoral Committee had deemed Mr Uzor eligible for the office, hence it was unconstitutional for the Hall Assembly to disqualify him after he had received the mandate of Brownites.  Moreover, Mr Uzor qualifies to run for the Office of the Health and Sanitation Minister as the constitution does not specify that an aspirant has to have served on a relevant committee within the Hall. A resolution has since been passed to alter the wording of that provision and make it more specific, however a constitutional amendment would be required to that effect.

With no more impediments to his claim to office, Mr Uzor was sworn in as the Health and Sanitation Minister of the hall. It is also worthy of note that Mr Uzor recently contested for- and won,  the Office of the President of the UCH Students Association. Brownites may recall that Mr Uzor was asked about his rumored plans to hold executive positions in the hall and his association during his manifesto presentation. At the time, Mr Uzor vehemently refuted those claims, saying that he understood that the office of the Health and Sanitation Minister demanded his full attention. Now, he has taken up another executive position. Granted, it is not in his association, Mr Uzor has however taken up a bigger position than he would have had in his association. While that may be legal, it definitely leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Other vacant positions in the Executive Council were also filled through by-elections. Miss Udo Peace was elected as the Deputy Hall Chairperson, Mr Oni Ayotunde as the Information Minister, Mr Onuigbo Chiagoziem as the Hall Secretary while Mr Oluwagunwa John as the Finance Minister of the Hall. With the Executive Committee now complete, they can get to work fulfilling the promises made to Brownites during the campaign and ensuring smooth running of the Hall and its affairs.
New Honourables were also co-opted into the Hall Assembly. The Honourables included Honourable Akinosi Taiwo of the A ground constituency, Honourable Fatola Ayomide of the A3 Constituency, Honourable Alufa Oluwaferanmi of the B1 constituency, Honourable Akinrinde Deborah of the B2 constituency, Honourable Ezebialu Chioma of the C1 Constituency, Honourable Ofumwengbe-Evba Eseosa of the C3 Constituency, Honourable Opabode Abdulmujeeb of the D ground constituency, Honourable Effiong-John Blessing of the D1 constituency, Honourable Okeke Sophia of the D2 constituency, Honourable Anyiurionye Daniel of the E2 Constituency, Honourable Adekunle Benjamin of the E3 Constituency, Honourable Arowosafe Victor of the F constituency, Honorable Ololade Victor of the G ground constituency, Honourable Oladapo Aderemi of the G2 left constituency, Honourable Omotoso Kehinde of the G2 right constituency, Honourable Agboola Ridwan Ayomide of the G3 Left Constituency and Honourable Adepoju Teslim Olasubomi of the G3 right constituency.

Honourable Vivian Duru was elected as the Clerk of the Hall Assembly.The meeting was then adjourned.

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