APEX CENTRE, AGODI – There’s no doubt that the annual University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association dinner that held last week saturday was a sight to behold, some might even call it a befitting farewell party for the 2014 medical students/doctors, taking quite an audacious move to host such a grandiose event. A lot of ladies arrived in their classy gowns and masks, the gentlemen were not left behind also as they donned their various elegant attires. It was really a beautiful sight.

    It held at Apex events centre at Agodi, Ibadan. The event started some minutes after 9 pm and was graced by the presence of a large number of medical, dental and students of the Medical Laboratory Science, as well as dignitaries from other departments and Faculty Presidents from the University of Ibadan.

    The event started on drab note and this made a lot of the attendees choose pictures and selfies on the red carpet over listening to the first set of awards and performance having drowned in boredom in some of the earlier performances of the day, and the MC did not make the boredom any less tolerable, talking for more hours with little humour and heavy cacophony.


  The later performances picked up the pace and rescued the audience; which included those of AY Sax (he gave the spectators lots of melodious instrumentals), Eri Ife, and the dance group (salute!). Clearly, Oreoluwa Alade and Chinedu Nwaduru seemed to have saved the best for the last.

    The food elicited mixed reactions from the attendees: the appetizers and dessert were in sync with the tastebuds (What do you expect, when Bankylola handles the smallchops, and HerRoyalCakeness kills your tastebuds); but there were heavy complaints about the main course, from the minuscule meat that perched on the food, to the exasperating blandness of the food (especially the Jollof Rice); it was a clear NO on the part of the event. The jollof rice seemed to have drained all its colour, and the vegetable soup swarm graciously in an endless sea of palm-oil. Whoever prepared the food, clearly was out to torture the tastebuds.

    The decoration was the highlight of the event: the flowers on the tables, the lights, and the table arrangement were just lovely. Although it did not give the full gatsby picture, but it was indeed a step in the right direction. The huge drawback was that the flowers on the tables obstructed the views of lots of people and they had stretch their necks to watch the stage performances. This was a major turn off.

Dessert was a bliss, coming to the table with varieties of cakes and ice-cream, although the white forest cake may not have sat well with a few; the redvelvet was a divine bliss. Although the ice-cream did not appear palatable to the eye, with the inattention payed to the toppings, but it did sit well with the cake in the mouth. Even the display of the cakes at the rear of the hall, was as appealing as the taste.

    Towards the end of the programme, people seemed to forget the slight struggles they encountered earlier on and graced the dance floor while the DJ Lobitz  played various jams. It would be easy to forget the drivel performance of DJ Lobitz at the bonfire, sending many to their beds with a careless arrangement of songs and premature song-mix.  The 2016 set in particular turned up en masse and ended up displacing the outgoing set from the floor.


In terms of costume, there could not have anyone who rocked the Gastby attire more than: Onaopemimo Akinola (500L, MBBS), Iretenevesho Obaitan (500L, MBBS) and Idowu Adegboye (600L, MBBS).

Olamide Bello of the 2014 set emerged as the most awarded of the night, having dutifully served her association well; receiving a total of four awards for the night

The photos indeed turned out well, thanks to AllyPhotography, further adding to the highlight of the event.

And we noted the couples and intending couples of the day:

And the Power couples:

And those who came for the food:


And those who came for the dance and fun:

And those who came in search of life partners:

And the ones that did not do their jobs well, but were looking for connections:


And the slay queens:

And the ones that were just bored with the talks and wanted to get down on the dance floor:


And the ones that came to gossip about the food:

And those who came to hunt for votes:


And those who seemed to have missed the memo:


And the “annoying” photo bombers:


And the powerful men:

In general, it was a night to remember indeed and the Members of the Dinner Committee and the Executive Council deserve some credit for pulling it off.

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  1. Juniper Lee says

    This was a beautiful write-up… it captured so many, if not all, aspects of the dinner. I enjoyed the nice blend of criticism and compliments. Welldone!

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