-By Ridwan Ojewale, ABH PRESS

Less than 24 hours after the viral broadcast of the defense ministry with respect to the latest surge in cases of theft in the hall, a suspected criminal has been nabbed by Brownites just before he could cart away with another laptop. The incidence which happened at the A block around noon on Friday has generated mixed sequel reactions from the residents of the hall. While some are simply happy at the eventual apprehension of a thief, others express anger at what they described as an “early intervention” by the men of the security unit (popularly called Abefele).

Speaking with Miss Bamigboye Toibat, the 500 level BMLS student who was at the centre of it all, she narrated;

I was just going to pour something away at the kitchenette when I saw him. He wore white vest and boxers with a chain on his neck. He was looking suspicious actually. He was at the first room beside the kitchenette, A21, when I was going. When I was returning to get water, I already saw him at A20, the room after, knocking the door. I didn’t pay much attention. But when I was coming back, I saw the door opened and I didn’t hear any one talking. You know if you enter into someone’s room to meet the person, you two will shaa be talking and I couldn’t even see anyone. I now went into the kitchenette and waited till he came out; he was already holding a laptop with charger and a phone. I just came out and shouted at him, who are you? Then he started saying “she knows me now, she is inside”, I said, “who knows you? Who is inside?” he then entered to return it and that was how I jammed the door and started shouting thief! Thief! Then the Abefele man seating in front of the block stood up and ran upstairs. I think the lady now woke up and shouted “Please open the door, I don’t know him o”. I had to lock the door till the Abefele man came so he would not attack me. When the Abefele now came, he said he didn’t carry anything. I was like, what you just returned inside now. Then, the occupant of the room said “where is my phone?! Where is my phone?!” the phone was collected from him. Abefele now asked him what he was looking for, he said he was looking for one Vivian and there was no Vivian on our block. , they just started to give him some slaps and all,”

After the incident, Brownites were seen in their clusters discussing the incident and lamenting why the security men would not allow just a brief “discipline”.

One had said; “someone wore white to come and steal and was caught and that white did not change color, the white was not even dirtied, it didn’t change to red, it was not torn. Please, if you don’t burn him or use weapon o, do thieves die because of beating? No now, he cannot die”

Another said “if it were all their phones that they use to listen to radio that he packed, they would have dealt with him better”

The suspect has however been transferred to the security unit of the community at the main campus for further investigation and interrogation.

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