The ABH Flag Continues to Fly High at the Inter-Hall Games

-By Onyekachi Osondu

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-28 at 00.31.53(1)Yesterday saw the ABH Basketball team as they began their journey in the Inter Hall games. The schedule as always was packed with the team expected to play three games against Kuti Hall, Abdulsalam Hall and Zik Hall respectively. The first game against Kuti Hall was the first game of the day and saw the ABH basketball team struggle to find their feet on foreign terrain. Both teams struggled to score in the tight encounter as the game saw a barrage of missed shots from both sides. The Kuti team however managed to pull ahead and hold their lead as they edged out the game 6-3(I know the score line seems mediocre and it looks like a football score line but I did say it was a tight game).

The second game against Abdulsalam Hall saw a much improved team performance. The ABH basketball team took the lead early on and did not look back. Staying ahead by being consistent in attack and being resolute in defence. The ABH basketball team saw off Abdulsalam hall taking the game 20 points to 14 points.

The Final game of the day saw ABH do battle with Nnamdi Azikiwe (Zik) hall. Zik Hall took a 7-0 lead in the first quarter and it appeared as if history was repeating itself as the players appeared fatigued and were about to crash out of the tournament. Ope Ala, the ABH team captain, refused to give up as he made a solo charge to the basket netting the team’s first basket of the game, ABH ended the half on the losing end trailing 9-2. The comeback was apparently on as Daniel Onobun was introduced into the fray during the second (and last) quarter and led the teams charge. He scored 10 points off the bench and helped the team to a 15-13 victory over Zik hall. Daniel Onobun was unanimously voted the team’s most valuable player of the day by his teammates.

The basketball team won two matches out of the three they partook in and hence qualified for the semi-finals. This is as far as the ABH Basketball team has ever gone in the Inter Hall games. The Inter Hall Basketball competition continues June 28.

Goodluck ABH Basketball team!

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