The 2k18 Sports Day: A Nostalgic Return To Nursery Days


– Imo Uzochukwu, ABH Press

The 400 level MBBS/BDS class gave Alexander Brown Hall a different feel of sporting activities today with an event themed “The 2k18 Sports Day”. The event was a deviation from the usual sporting activities that would have been expected like football, basketball, volleyball and table tennis but involved the most basic sports. The event featured sack race, spoon and egg race, find-the-balls, fill-in-the-basket, and fill-in-the-bottle competitions, the same events that take place in the Inter-house Sports Competition of a nursery and primary school just without a march past. Also included were penalty shoot-out and skipping competitions.
Each event had both male and female categories and had at least four participants. A member of the organizing committee disclosed that the reason for the choice of events was to get more members of the class involved especially the females as only a very small section of the class will participate if it involved sports like football, basketball and table tennis. Speaking with another member of the organizing committee, he said the purpose of the event was to ease the stress of the clinical rotations and take their minds off whatever must have occurred in the previous postings. He also stated that events like this create long-lasting memories.
A majority of the participants and spectators gave positive reviews of the event with some saying it was fun-filled and had a lot of funny, embarrassing moments, however, a few considered it as childish and totally irrelevant.

Check out photos from the event below:

As a participant or spectator, what is your take on the 2k18 Sports Day? Share your views in the comments.

  1. Raheem Olamide says

    It was an awesome experience, childlike but not in any way childish.

    Go 2K18

  2. Temilade Adeniyi says

    Really impressive event

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