The end management of any space occupying lesion in the brain, is for it to be completely excised, to allow neighboring cells and structures to recuperate.

Such was the case of Ofada Cafeteria, in the early hours of today;after failing to meet up with the 70% assessment cut-off for food vendors in the University of Ibadan.

The assessment conducted by the Dean of Students’ Affairs along with the executives of the various halls of residence in the University, was done in order to ensure that optimal services were delivered to students by the food vendors.

Such expectation was certainly not the case of Ofada Cafeteria, located at the Alexander Brown Hall, University College Hospital, Ibadan; who constantly failed to satisfy the residents of the hall with their high level of unprofessionalism and the highly distasteful quality of meals.

Following several outcries by members of the hall and the poor performance score, it was finally concluded that the Ofada Cafeteria be excised out the hall on Tuesday, July 31; pending when a replacement be made available for hall.

Members of staff of the cafeteria were seen in the last hours of yesterday, clearing up their wares and serving what may seem as “the last supper” to their customers before closing the curtains finally to ABH and its environs. By noon today, the entire staff had completely cleared out save for some items like the freezer still pending.

Carpentry works have been intense all day, dismantling whatever memories may have been left behind, both structurally and emotionally. Many Brownites have sighed a great relief to the demise of the cafeteria from the hall and have further described it as a “breath of fresh air”.

While Brownites rejoice over the departure, they await the arrival of the new food vendors to further balance the scale for the now-remaining “Prestige Cafeteria” who are further sinking in the oceans of tardiness, reprehensible services and an unpardonable proclivity for extreme loquaciousness despite dealing with people’s food.

“I believe a new cafeteria will put prestige on theirntoes, and remind them that Noone is indispensable. Their rubbish is getting too much, ” a Brownite lamented.

Many have said that upon the advent of a new cafeteria, they would certainly drift to them irrespective of the quality of the food, as the poor behavior of members of staff of the Prestige Cafeteria is far becoming intolerable.

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