A movie review of Avengers: Endgame (Spoiler free)


– Tobi Olusakin, ABH Press

Avengers: Endgame was released a couple of days ago and since then, it has managed to break records worldwide. It made a close friend of mine to wake up at 4 am to book a ticket online, it also made a lot people to ditch classes and rush to the cinema in order to get their tickets early, it really messed a lot of us up.

The Marvel cinematic universe franchise is amongst the few ones that haven’t bored movie lovers, they have been consistently watchable, with many good entries and a few powerful ones (Infinity Wars, Winter Soldier, Ragnarok). After the cliff hanger we were left with last year, fans started looking forward a satisfying culmination, and apparently a lot of us weren’t disappointed with what we saw.

Having in mind that it was the last instalment, a lot of viewers (including me) had at least a faint idea of how the ending would be (except some loud mouthed punks that sat behind me in the cinema) but the plot still had a lot of unexpected turns which kept us at the edge of our seats, keeping the motions high. It also had managed to have considerate amount of meaningful links with the prequels.

It was an emotional rollercoaster that either kept us high with funny jokes and elaborate performances, or low at every point in time. It’s not easy to keep an audience entertained for 3 hours and that is what they managed to do.

The movie seemed to focus on the emotions of the core characters and how each individual was affected by the “incident”. However, the tempo picked up gradually as the movie went on and it finally finished with a frenzy.

Detailed comments on the computer generated imagery (CGI) and acting in the flick are really not necessary as both were as expected for a movie of this calibre.

Calling this movie a befitting ending to the series is an understatement, it really deserves all the accolades it has been getting. Due to my bias, I won’t give this movie a numerical rating, however movie is almost impeccable with every second being captivating.

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