As the 10-month long football season prepares to begin on Friday the 13th, numerous whispers have pervaded the atmosphere of Alexander Brown Hall concerning the prospects of reopening the well-famed TV room amidst the new wave of COVID-19 pandemic ushered in by the Delta strain. While enthusiastic fans seek to return to the weekends of banter, immense joy, or sore agony that typifies a usual Premier League season, details about the plans to restore the TV room to its steady state have not been forthcoming.

In a brief conversation with the Social and Buttery Minister- Atoyebi Victor on Sunday, he emphasized that he is unable to make promises to Brownites concerning the timeline for the reopening of the TV room. “It’s a 50:50 thing”; he said. “I am planning to speak with the hall warden in person tomorrow. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. As soon as there is a new development, Brownites will be updated”.
ABH PRESS understands that the proposed meeting with Dr Uchendu, the hall warden who also doubles as the Chairman, CoMUI COVID-19 Committee was always going to be crucial step in the reopening.

A follow-up call with the S&B minister revealed that the proposal to reopen the TV room ahead of this weekend’s PL action was flatly rejected. He proposed that the use of facemasks and social distancing measures will be enforced while maintaining a cap on the number of people in the TV room at all times. Citing the ongoing wave and the possibility of a closure in the event of an outbreak, the assistant hall warden preferred to approach the request with caution.

The social and buttery minister is resolved to explore other avenues for the safe reopening or the TV room.
As details of this unfold in the coming days, lovers of the sport are advised to keep their streaming devices close until COVID permits a reunion.

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