Prepare for heat wave, LASEPA warns Lagosians


The Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency has advised Lagosians to guide against extreme heat by drinking lots of water. The General Manager of LASEPA, Dr Adedolapo Fasawe, in a statement on Thursday – 21st November, 2019 – urged residents of the state to ensure adequate ventilation at their homes and offices in order to quell the intensity of the prevailing heatwave in the state.
Fasawe also advised Lagosians to adequately prepare for the heat intensity associated with the dry season which had manifested globally as heatwaves with serious public health implications. She said that Lagos, being a highly urbanised city, had a higher risk of increased warming due to the heat.
According to her, the effect is palpable where there is a high density of dark surfaces (concretes structures, paved roads and buildings) that absorb and emit more heat within a defined area.
“High rate of fire and flooding incidents are some of the effects of heatwaves, and this underscores the need to desist from burning refuse, being a contributory factor to a high rate of heatwaves. Other factors that contribute to heatwaves include the use of poorly-serviced generators and use of ozone-depleting materials, all of which add to greenhouse gas emissions,” she said.
Fasawe urged Lagosians to engage in tree planting activities and greenery within their localities and environments, ensure that they were properly hydrated at all times and stay within well-ventilated areas.

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