There has been reports of power outage on some floors in Alexander Brown Hall, in the early hours of today. It was said the the power failure occurred at around 11 am today after residents of G block reported hearing a “shimmering noise” behind the block.

After the noise, the power went out on some floors in the halls, sparing a large numbers of rooms. The affected floors include, first and third floors of G block, second floor on E block, the cafeteria, and some rooms on C block.

So far, occupants have had to vacate their rooms to other rooms to charge their devices and read, especially members of the 2014 medical class, who are currently in the middle of the final exams.

Nothing has been said concerning the situation from the executives yet. However, there has been speculations of a possible resolution by tomorrow

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  1. Oladejo Folasayo says

    All the rooms on the 2nd floor of B block were also affected by the power outage. Please this should be noted for when repairs will be made.

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