– Derayo Eniayewun, ABH Press

Hollywood Star, Dwayne Johnson, gave the most charming acceptance speech at the MTV awards after being announced as the winner of The Generation award.
The Generation award celebrates actors whose contributions to film and television have made significant impacts on society and turned them into household names. Past recipients of the award include Will Smith, Sandra Bullock, Robert Downey Jr. and many others.
Dwayne Johnson, who was dressed in a jacket modelling the jungle Jumaji look danced up to the stage on the empowering tune of Queen’s We will rock you on an admirable choreography routine.
He began his speech by thanking his choreographers, producers and then his all important family who he described as ‘a group of strong ass women’.
He recounted his experience when he first got to Hollywood a few years ago. Half-black, Half-samoan, 275 pound WWE Superstar –The Rock, worried he couldn’t get roles. He resolved he wasn’t going to change himself in a bid to earn Hollywood’s acceptance.
He ended his speech with what some called ’Rock Solid advice’ saying with all authenticity and Samoan pride “We find the most power in living as ourselves and no one else…. Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice” -Dwayne Johnson

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