Poor Turn-Out of Brownites Continues to Worry Events Organizers


Following the days of almost zero power supply, Brownites were awakened on Saturday morning with cries of invitation to the first ABH Fit to hold since the Isa Folajomi-led administration was sworn into office. The ABH Fit, which aims at improving the physical well-being of Brownites through morning work-out sessions, has always been organized through the office of ABH Deputy Hall Chairperson. Asides maintaining physical fitness, enhancing social interaction amongst Brownites has also been a purpose of the monthly event.

The ABH fit, which held between 0645 and 0900 hours on Saturday, took off with a morning jog from ABH gate to the East Gate of UCH via Tony Anenih Geriatric Center. The participants which were over 25 were heard chanting and singing loudly during the two laps of the jog. Workout sessions on the ABH volleyball court held shortly after the jog and included squats, mountain climbing, and a tug-of-war amongst other activities.
Ugwu Charles, a Brownite who led the participants during the morning jog, was hopeful that the monthly exercise will hold frequently as planned. “Bearing it in mind that exercise is more effective if it happens regularly, I think it will be nice if it not only continues but is also regular”; He said.

He also described the monthly ritual as fun and cool and applauded the organizers, whilst noting that there is still room for improvements. Abba Oluwafemi, a member of the UI Swimming Team and a first time participant at ABH Fit, was pleased with the orderliness of the morning drill. Being a sport enthusiast, he was of the opinion that Brownites would benefit maximally from ABH Fit.

The Hall Chairman, Isa Folajomi, commended the efforts of the Office of the Deputy Hall Chairperson in ensuring the continuity of the exercise. While noting the poor turn-out of Brownites for the event, he mentioned that there was a commendable improvement in attendance when compared to previous editions. Being a member of the ABH Fit Committee, he said that frequent upload of posters on social media platforms and the saturday morning cry were tools aimed at increasing Brownites’ participation in the monthly drill. He also said he has been working with the Presidents of various departmental associations to improve attendance at the event.

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