By Titus Adeolu, ABH PRESS

Editor’s Note: Titus Adeolu is a member of the ABH PRESS and writes for the organization. The opinion expressed in this commentary are his.

The campaign mantra of Isa Folajomi seems to portray an Alexander Brown Hall with dramatic improvements. Simply, things would happen differently – and positively, perhaps. This would be made possible if all offices in the administration strive to transcend limits in their various capacities by the development of novel ideas aimed at the improvement of the quality of life in the Hall. There are however Challenges for each office holder as they gear up for the task ahead including an enormous debt, an atrophied ABH Ventures, unpaid workers and of course, rats.


Rats have been a hell of a problem in the hall because the Hall has not been close to a haven or heaven. So when the Health Minister-elect promised to eliminate rats in the Alexander Brown Hall during the Press Night it sounded as a reasonable idea, albeit barely feasible.

Before the Health Minister-elect dabbles into his enthusiastic extermination mission, we should address the smoking problems in the hall – from the suya stand and of course, the lungs of G-Blockites.

A number of occupants have admonished for the relocation of the Suya stand or conversion from charcoal to electric grill as the smoke from the stand disturbs them in their rooms, depending on the direction the wind decides to go. Sometimes, it is the barely ventilated TV room.

Another challenge is the “ABH Chimney”, G block. His stature might come in his way but his office should empower him enough to implement thr cessation of smoking within the hall as stipulated in the Students’ Handbook of Ethics governing hall residents. There is no need to move stuff on the harmful effects of passive smoking.


Between November last year and April, there were at least 4 apprehended suspected thieves in the Alexander Brown Hall including one who was caught in a room A block with gadgets of the occupants. Another picked a phone at the basketball court and many others. However, all these people roam the streets free and probably still check into the hall once in a while to see if they could spend their Prestige ticket or play a round of pool.

With the Hospital management also making moves by proscribing the commercial use of motorcycles within the hospital premises, we undisputedly, still have a long way to go in ensuring the safety of Brownites and their properties. This would involve ensuring these thieves unpalatable experiences when apprehended – experiences that could trend in their community.

The incoming Defence Minister has stated that there would be closing times for the playing of tabletennis and pool which might not go down well with night-crawling Brownites. He also said the flogging to suspected thieves would continue. It would not be termed jungle justice but colourful justice. But would this rebranding really change things?

In transcending limits this coming administrative year, certainly, Brownites would want to see more than the regular colourful justice but also the real hand of justice. The prosecution of apprehended suspects should be one of the aims of this Defence Ministry, although far fetched, coupled with restricted use of the reading room.

Instead of exerting so much energy in punishing a thieves, we should also source out more creative and unforgettable punishments to meet out. This could include filling drums of water on an entire block, weed our overgrown lawns with their bare hands or do some cleanings – particularly behind G block.

….to be continued

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    Those are very unforgettable punishments ?

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