In a seemingly interesting electoral process so far, there seems to be shocking turn out of event as there appears to be no aspirants for the position of “Floor Representatives” in this year’s elections.

The Floor Representatives which constitute the legislative arm of the Hall are usually elected by members of the individual floor members of the various blocks.

With only four floors out of the over 30 floors producing a representative in this year’s elections – the question begs an answer: Are Brownites fleeing from the Hall Assembly?

In contrast with the 2018 elections, which saw a more vibrant representation of the floor at the elections – there appears to be a downward trend – perhaps following the recent decision by the Hall management to stop giving rooms to floor representatives.

It is common knowledge that one of the benefits of being a floor representative is the secured accommodation in the hall -regardless of the department or level. So it is not surprising that many Brownites have decided to stay their hands following the decision of the Hall Management to withdraw the most important incentive to student politicians in the hall.

“I think this decision should be reviewed by the hall management, because it does not seat well to not have an Assembly, or an assembly of just 4 or 5 person,” the Speaker of the House, Honourable Oso Tosin lamented

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