The 2022 ABH Electoral Process, though protracted by a host of challenges, has finally defied the odds and culminated in the inauguration of elected Executives and Legislators. This marks the end of Mr. Olaoye Ajiboye Jegede’s Revamped Agenda and the beginning of Mr. David Oluwaferanmi Salami’s Inclusion Plan. The inauguration of the newly elected electoral candidates took place on Saturday, 28th May, 2022 at the Famewo Common Room (FCR).

After the commencement of the Inaugural Meeting, the financial report was given by the Assembly’s Deputy Speaker after which the Hall Chairperson, Mr. Jegede, gave his Account of Stewardship. The Account of Stewardship engendered a long stretch of time of discussing the successes achieved, challenges faced and setbacks suffered by the Revamped Agenda. Certain honourables also appreciated the Hall Chairperson for having served the Alexander Brown Hall with unswerving commitment, working indefatigably like clockwork across every inch of ABH.

The Hall Warden was present at the meeting, anchoring the presentation of awards to the outgoing Executives. Shortly before he presented the awards, he gave a short address to the House commending the Executive Council for a job well done. He also implored those in attendance to prioritise their primary reason for being in school over involvements in student politics, as some have because of this plunged themselves into disciplinary issues which have truncated or unnecessarily prolonged their stay on campus. After the presentation of awards, the Hall Warden got an award of appreciation from the Hall Assembly, after which was the dissolution of the Executive Council and Hall Assembly; and the swearing in of the new Executives and Honourables.

Following the swearing in was the In-house Elections for the offices of the Chief Whip, Clerk, Deputy Speaker and Speaker of the Assembly. Hon. Babalola was elected as the Chief Whip by a narrow majority of the House, mustering 8 votes in defeat of Hon. Nnamdi who had 7 votes. Hon. Obaseki, Hon. Atere and Hon. Bazuaye were elected unanimously into the offices of the Clerk, Deputy Speaker and Speaker of the Assembly, respectively. Shortly after the elections, the meeting was adjourned.

The ABH Press wishes the newly inaugurated leaders success in all their endeavours and a smooth sail as they set out to serve the hall in their various capacities over the next couple of months.


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