By Esther Soladoye and Chinedu Nwaduru

ABH,UCH– Food is paramount to life and life must be enjoyed. This is the approach in which the new cafeteria in ABH started their opening today- giving everyone free sodas to enjoy the food.

It will be recalled that Ofada Cafeteria vacated the hall premises last month at the behest of the Dean of Students’ Affair for failing to meet up with the recommended standards, and since, the hall has been anticipating the arrival of a new cafeteria to take over and deliver better services.

T&K careering services a.k.a Fanawole (literally translated to mean “Bring the Electricity inside”) made the opening with a freebies of drink to all who patronized them in the early hours of today. Many Brownites took to their various social media platforms to announce the good news, further inviting many to go see for themselves.

Many Brownites who were extreme loyalists of the Prestige immediately walked acrose to the T&K stand to the awe of some of the Prestige Staff, who witnessed a massive paradigm shift at the Brownites stand. As quickly as Brownites took to their social media to announce the advent of the new cafeteria, so did they quickly run back to lament over the taste of the food in the morning.

Many described the meals to have been bland, devoid of taste or sensation, especially with regards to the white rice.

“I mean, who messes up white rice? The rice looked like “Tuwo shinkafa” and the stew was like paste and water. If they do this again tomorrow, I’m back to Prestige, ” one of the residents of the hall said.

“The meat is big no doubt! But their Jollof rice and fried rice is a no no,” another said, “.. But the free drink is a plus”

Although many commented that the afternoon meals were way better than the morning’s, the taste buds of many brownites are still traumatized from the earlier meal that was served. Perhaps, in a rush to step out in a grand style, the T&K staff may have missed a few vital steps, making an awful first impression to the palates.

Nonetheless, it is unarguable that the arrival of T&K has put a strain on the customer strength of the Prestige Cafeteria, especially with really cheerful atmosphere and a relative quick service response despite the queue, something that was clearly amiss in Prestige.

Clearly, brownites are not ignorant of the tactics employed by the T&K cafeteria to draw attention to themselves. One can only hope that the dip in the future will not be as abysmal as Ofada’s.

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