– By Tobi Olusakin, ABH Press

About two weeks ago, the DC films and Warner Bros. released the highly anticipated “Aquaman”, some movie freaks might call it a last ditch effort for the movie company to redeem itself in the faces of faithful DC fans and harsh critics alike. It is no news that the Marvel studios has dominated the screens of superhero movie lovers for the last decade, DC films have been trying to catch up but have failed again and again. However, Aquaman was a breath of fresh air and a sign of hope that perhaps the two companies can be at the same level sometime in the future.

The CGI was beautiful, from the beginning to the war at the end, it was just satisfying.
The acting roles in the movie were not complex ones but everyone involved managed to handle his/her role in a good manner. Jason Momoa (Aquaman) brought both swagger and class to our screens (i.e he brought the stewwwwww), he played his part well. The chemistry between Momoa and his costar, Amber Heard (Mera) was solid and wasn’t forced in anyway. Other actors and actresses played their parts well and deserve credit for that but there wasn’t much to do.
The plot was one of the ills the movie had, it was quite shallow and predictable (a trait present in various Superhero movies) and sometimes was not lucid enough. Some aspects were only briefly addressed, leaving some of the audience disjointed and dissatisfied, an example of this is the part that tried to explain the origin of Atlantis.

After watching this movie, I thought to myself “why wasn’t this released before Justice League ?”. That movie portrayed the Aquaman character as a weak one, which is not so. Despite the shallow and predictable plot, the corny jokes; Aquaman had enough to entertain an audience throughout and that is what matters in the end. James Wan (the director) definitely deserves some accolades. I would give it a 6.5/10, it is a movie worth seeing with friends and significant others.

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