– By Tobi Caleb


Cast: Taraji P. Henson (Melinda), Lyriq Bent (Robert), Ajiona Alexus (young Melinda), Crystle Stewart (Diana), Antonio Madison (young Robert).

Director: Tyler Perry

Writer: Tyler Perry


     Tyler Perry brings yet another drama filled movie to the big screen. In this movie, his frequent collaborator – Taraji P. Henson plays the central role which is that of a woman who patiently stays in a drab and disintegrating relationship with a devious man (Lyriq Bent) and gets enraged later on after feeling betrayed by him. In my opinion, this is a movie that should be watched with the family on a Sunday evening, it is not a movie worth seeing in the cinema. In spite of the various positive features the movie possesses, it fails to exceed an average mark.


     The plot of the movie has the classic Tyler Perry signature in it and is a nice and meaningful one but in my opinion, it is too simple and cliché (this is why I stopped watching Tyler Perry movies). The movie has no major plot twists and is somewhat predictable (I’d love list several instances but we all know how glaring they were).

      Unlike the previous Tyler Perry projects, this movie fails to pass a clear message. Some parts of the storyline were unrealistic (was Prescott industries the only tech company he could pitch his proposal to?) The movie also never gave its watchers a character to root for; they were all selfish and had issues.

     Taraji P. Henson’s acting in this project is great but I won’t give her much credit because this role is not new to her, if you’ve seen her previous movies you would realise that she was in her comfort zone throughout the acting process. Lyriq Bent and Antonio Madison both played the irresponsible carefree role of Robert Gayle very well.


     Overall, this movie is just an average one (5/10), Tyler Perry’s movies hardly ever get better than this though (I’m being nice here, check the online reviews). It has enough to satisfy faithful fans but I am not a faithful fan.

I have two words that aptly summarise the feelings I have for this movie – catchy and cliché.



  1. Sigsis says

    Wow! That was very strict

    1. abhpress says

      Hahaha! Have an alternative? Please air it. . . we would love to hear your own opinion

  2. Daniel says

    this didn’t sound like a review at all…quite biased… is there good thing about the movie at all

    1. abhpress says

      Hahaha. . . . perhaps you should see the movie and decide for yourself. .. Its better to have the experience first hand. . do send us a comment when you are done

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