MDCN Games : Consultants Beat Medical Students, 2 sets to None at Volleyball


– By Joseph Edun, ABH Press

ABH, UCH – As part of the annual Week of the Medical and Dental Consultants of Nigeria, UCH branch, a variety of sporting events were organised between the consultants and medical students in Alexander Brown Hall today. The event which kicked off late due to the afternoon rainfall included volleyball, drafts, table tennis, snookers, scrabble and a host of others.

The students , who rarely have the opportunity of relating with the consultants in a relaxed environment, turned out en masse to engage their consultants in the matches of the day. However, there was a low turn out of consultants for the event as some students had no consultant to engage in some games like Scrabble, Ayo Olopon, Ludo and others.

Surprisingly, the consultants’ team defeated the student team two sets to none at volleyball which was the main event of the day. The sport minister of UIMSA, Opeyemi Ige who commented on the event said, ‘I’m delighted the consultants can come to play with us and l hope that we will be having more of this in the future’.

A 600 level medical student who won Dr Fasunla of department of otorhinolaryngology at the drafts game remarked, ‘it is highly commendable that the consultants would sit to play with us. It made us see their friendly side and showed that they are humans who can be related to freely unlike what is obtainable on the wards and clinic. The event is one of the rare ones which brings students and consultants together in a friendly and amiable environment.

Dr Fasunla slugging it out with Joshua Ojo at game of draft
Dr Olulana of Paediatric Surgery in action
Photography by Joseph Edun
Students trying their best which was however not enough
They didn’t lose without making Dr Balogun of Neurosurgery go down
Dr Afolabi of General Surgery capturing the moments as always
A medical student at the chess table
Dr Fasunla of ENT with another consultant at a game of drafts

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