Leaking G-Block Soakaway Finally Resolved


-By Joseph Edun, ABH PRESS

The leaking soakaway at the far end of G block has finally been permanently repaired after much pleas. The repair was carried out over the course of two weekends. The pungent effluent from the soakaway had made living at G block unhygienic, horrendous and torturous due to the offensive odour it releases to the atmosphere. The health minister, Mr Chibuike however said the gutter still needs to be covered to prevent accidents. The soakaway had been fixed temporarily several times in the past, each of which did not last up to a week before the repair broke down and the malodorous stench resumed again.



       The leakage was first observed during the borehole-drilling activities carried out behind the eastern part of G- Block between June 2 and June 9, 2018 when some of the equipment driven in damaged the sewage disposal system, thus causing a leak in the pipes draining water from the bathrooms to the soakaways behind the block. The heavy duty vehicle destroyed a part of the walkway at the back of G block and the lid of the suck away. Since then, the content of the soakaway has been leaking, meandering its way through the walkway at the back of the block.


     A G blockite who had witnessed the era of the stench commented that ‘the repair has brought a great relief to me from the hell I’ve been going through’.

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