– Hillary Alemenzohu, ABH Press

Kim Kardashian is arguably the biggest personality around right now and except you live under a rock – which must be a very humongous one at that – you are definitely unoblivious to the extreme success and influence she commands.
I propably don’t know you reading this piece, but if I am to take a wild guess, you are a Nigerian (hopefully in the near future our press organization gets broader readership). The first few thoughts that pop in your mind when you hear “Kardashian” would most likely include black men wreckage, gold digger, sex tape , unhealthy drama to name a few. If this family got a penny for every time they made the tabloids for some mind-wrecking juicy story, they would run a bank by now. There is no gainsaying that Kim is Kardashian true and true, she is arguably the most notorious for her drama, I mean the woman married Kanye West (that in itself speaks volumes).
On a cursory glance , you would be hard-pressed placing Kim and inspiration together in a sentence but if you looked just a tad longer you would find there are some rather interesting facets to her person. For one thing , she’s got a good head on her perfect body. The fact that she is a reality television star may seem like she makes her money with no effort, but she’s pretty business savvy. In 2015, she created a mobile phone game which now accounts for about 40% of her yearly income, she also has her kimoji and subscription based personal app that rakes in a lot of money, couple that with the myriads of endorsements and product lines she runs, Kim is rich-rich. More important than being a multi-talented businesswoman and socialite, she exemplifies a strong woman in standing for, and openly expressing what she believes in, numerous instances has had her openly defend her family from media attacks –her husband in particular.

Since she became famous, she has used her platform to advocate for causes that she believes in . She has been outspoken in calling for the recognition of the Armenian genocide for example. Recently, she also made headlines for her work in prison reform. Last year, Kim Kardashian not only helped free a woman who was serving time on a non violent drug charge but she also got Donald Trump to pass legislation bill which would be a huge step in changing the American criminal justice system for the better, not bad for a supposed ‘Kardashian’ , my point (and I do have one, if you were wondering) is that things aren’t always as they seem to be and role models could be found in the most unexpected places. So next time do not be quick to make harsh generalizations but pay a little more attention to the subtle details; Who knows what you may find?

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