With the result of all seven blocks of the Hall together with collation of outside votes been announced. Here are the final results for the Executive Council, verified by the Electoral Committee


Voters – 391

*Hall Chairman- Isa Folajomi*

Yes -363

No – 13

*Deputy Hall Chairman

Ugo – 83

Moyinoluwa – 126

Ope – 168


Yes -345

No – 16


Yes -350

No – 15


Yes – 362

No – 6


Yes -344

No- 13


Feranmi – 183

Samuel – 184


Stacy -200

Mobosola -167


Ige – 164

Lemonade – 48

Akamelu – 162


Paulo – 251

Bambino -115

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  1. Abdulbasit Fehintola says

    Hmm… A lot of lessons to learn from this year’s ABH elections. One’s level of certainty is almost never 100% about who wins or not. This year’s elections is so competitive, and would have been more competitive than this.

    Competition is good, but it has its dangers or should I say, shortcomings too. Often times competitive elections causes some level of division in a community (like ABH)
    such that it makes it difficult to govern. Participation and involvement of the members are divided, and causes a ripple effect on activities (of the Hall) throughout the tenure.

    In my opinion, the most important and immediate task to be initiated by the newly elected executives is uniting Brownites. Every Brownite need to understand that good leaders are not all a community needs, it also need good followers and good followers are those who participates in the ‘government’ actively. In this case, it includes; Consciously participating in our own programmes/activities, constructively criticizing our leaders, making intellectual contributions at any given opportunity (for example, as an observer in a Hall Assembly meeting), adhering to laws of the Hall, and so on.

    Newly elected executives have to begin the process of uniting Brownites right from accepting their fellow aspirants, and vice versa. Truth is, all aspirants have their ‘loyalist’ or followers and if they feel that their aspirant is not ready to work for the eventual winner, or the eventual winner is not ready to accept such aspirant, the followers tend to abstain from such government. In short, anything that can cause apathy must be prevented! Depending on the approach, we may achieve unity early enough so as to move on to other things “together”.

    Hearty congratulations to the elected executives, and much respect to all aspirants. If we agree to consider this day as the (pseudo) beginning of another tenure, then permit me to say, WE HAVE STARTED WELL.

    I cannot fail to recognize the efforts of the ABHPO. It has been wonderful right from the start of this present tenure and I must say, that one of the best things that has happened to ABH is ABHPO!

    1. abhpress says

      Many thanks for this very insightful piece Abdulbasit Fehintola. The honest truth is Competition has its perks -while it creates an interesting tension and stimulates the Aspirants to bring out their best; it also poses a risk to destroy the very essence for which the competition was even birthed in the first place – “progress”.

      Many of the newly elected executives will have to double up efforts in their office to win the trust of Brownites – already some are starting off from a disadvantaged point, based on the notion that they may not be capable.

      Like you said “good leadership” is hinges on “effective followership” which Brownites need to understand- else this would have all been for nothing ; and we will just return right back to where we began.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, we are happy to contribute our little quota to the development of our dear Hall

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