The battle of words, wills and wits which began on 29th September 2021 is set to return this evening. JAW WAR 2021 kicked off with a lot of positive energy from Brownites as they showed up in their numbers to support the speakers from the hall. Brownites have no doubt made a name for themselves as the best in the cheerleading business, earning themselves some odd stares each time they cheer, and perhaps a tinge of envy from other members of the JAW WAR 2021 audience.

The first leg of the Hall category ended with a lot of controversies surrounding the scoring system for the debates. Although corrections were made, the situation led to the Sultan Bello Hall L&D society pulling out of Jaw War 2021. So far, the Alexander Brown Hall LDS claimed victory by a wide margin in both ties of the debate against speakers from Independence Hall, proving that they are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

The first round of the ‘faculty category’ also saw the Faculties of Clinical Sciences and Dentistry emerge with victories against the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Technology respectively. A flawless record in the group stage of Jaw war has been a cause for much rejoicing among Brownites and the ABH press hopes this streak continues.

The quarter-finals for the faculty and hall categories will hold this week today, 13th October and Friday, 15th October 2021 respectively. The Faculty of Dentistry will be going up against the Faculty of Social Sciences, while the Faculty of Clinical Sciences go head-to-head with the Faculty of Education. For the Hall Category, the Alexander Brown Hall will be facing the Nnamdi Azikwe Hall. 

As we look forward to the quarter-finals, let us review some of our favourite lines from the previous rounds:

“This is just like allowing a Veterinary Medicine student to pass through Veterinary school on examination malpractice. While we might have successfully made him a vet, he is now a threat, to our pets.”

– Segun Olulana on “Should religious leaders be disallowed from being publicly partisan to any political party or candidate” (First round, Faculty Category: Clinical Sciences vs Veterinary Medicine)

A foolish man will address the effect of a cause, neglecting the cause of the effect, but so long the cause remains, the effect will reflect”.

– Adeleke Fafure on “Targeted employment to remedy the problem of gender diversity: an actual solution or masking the problem?” (Second leg, Hall Category: ABH vs the Independence Hall)

Intellectual audience, let us consider this: if the ENDSARS protest achieved its goal, why repeat it? If it did not achieve its goal, I ask again, why repeat it?”

– Akinjola Akinlolu on “The EndSARS protest: an experience worth repeating?” (First round, Faculty Category: Dentistry vs Technology)

We hope to see Brownites come out en-masse again this week as we maintain our reputation as the “Overall best in cheerleading”.


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