ABH Press: Good evening Miss Subuloye, can we meet you?

Miss Subuloye: Good evening, I’m Subuloye Esther, a 500level student of Dentistry. I’m the Information Minister of Alexander Brown Hall.

ABH Press: Congratulations on your election into office. Are there any fun facts you would like Brownites to know to help them get to know you better?

Miss Subuloye: I like cooking and watching movies. I also like sewing, in fact, I have a brand, 2404 apparel.

ABH Press: What are your plans for Brownites as the Information Minister?

Miss Subuloye: I plan to make every Brownite get informed. No Brownite should be devoid of information both about the occurrences in the hall and around the world. Also, the plans listed in my manifesto:

Manifesto of Miss Subuloye
Manifesto of Miss Subuloye

ABH Press: What prompted you to pick up the form during the bye-elections?

Miss Subuloye: Due to some personal issues which have been resolved, I wasn’t able to get the form initially. Everything being settled now prompted me to get the form to run for the post.

ABH Press: What about you makes you suitable for the position?

Miss Subuloye: I’ve served in different committees both in and outside my department. I served in the publicity committee in my department, so I know how things are being run. I also like to increase the information being spread among Brownites.

ABH Press: How well will you rate the previous Information Minister and what do you think you can do to improve on her deficiencies?

Miss Subuloye: I would rate her a 7 out of ten. She put in her best and did a great job but she had some challenges. Brownites not reading BCs and filling out directories were some of her challenges. I would therefore like to implore Brownites to fill out the directories and pay more attention to the BCs being sent out.

ABH Press: How do you intend to make Brownites more conscious of the BCs being sent out and more willing to fill the directories?

Miss Subuloye: The important BCs will be sent out daily and this will serve as a constant reminder to them to fill out the directories

ABH Press: What challenges do you think you will encounter and what are the plans you’ve put in place for these challenges?

Miss Subuloye: Similar to the challenges faced by the previous Information Minister, I think one of the major challenges will be Brownites not reading BCs and filling out the directories and the plan is to send out daily BCs. Another challenge will be getting routers to some blocks and the warden’s quarters that have no routers. With the help of the executive, the IT department, and the hall management itself, we hope to get new routers to F block and the warden’s quarters. Repairing the Wi-Fi and access points might also be a challenge.

ABH Press: As regards the directories, what is the importance and why should Brownites fill these directories?

Miss Subuloye: Details in the Brownite directory include the name, birthday, emails, and other information. Filling the form helps us congratulate and celebrate Brownites on their birthdays. The directory also enables us to advertise and promote entrepreneurs as this information is also included in the directory.

ABH Press: So far, how has being the Information Minister been?

Miss Subuloye: It has been good and not too overwhelming.

ABH Press: Any parting words for Brownites?

Miss Subuloye: This tenure is going to be lively and fun from the Information ministry and other ministries too. This tenure is going to be one where Brownites are served to their great expectations.

ABH Press: Thank you very much Miss Subuloye for your time.

Miss Subuloye: Thank you too.

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