ABH DECIDES 2019: Exclusive interview with Sports Minster aspirant Paul Edet – “I feel like I have what it takes to motivate people to do more”


ABH Press caught up with Paul Edet, an aspirant for the post of Sports Minister, and had a little chat with him while he was away in Igbo-Ora.

I: Please introduce yourself.

PE: Good day, I am Paul Edet. A 500 level medical student of the 2k16 class.

I: Why are you going for the post of Sports Minister?

PE: There’s a general saying that a sound mind resides in a sound body. A sound body is not possible without sports and physical activity. In recent times we are producing graduates with frail bodies unable to withstand stress. Sports is a major activity that helps in curbing that. Another reason I’m going for this post is that I’ve been in sporting system of ABH for a long time and I’ve served under various sports ministers and I understand the system, I’ve seen their shortcomings and I know ways to put things right in that aspect.

I: Do you think you have what it takes for this post?

PE: Most definitely. Being a great performer doesn’t mean you’d be a perfect administrator but I am very approachable and open to criticism. I understand the problems that sportsmen in ABH are facing and what the sporting world here in ABH is lacking so I know how to tackle those problems to rekindle that spirit of sportsmanship that has been dwindling in recent years .

I: Let’s get specific. What problems did you notice specifically in the last tenure?

PE: First of all, I want to congratulate the outgoing sports minister. He has done a tremendous job especially in reviving volleyball in the hall and taking away the main focus of sports in the hall from football. However, there were some lapses during his tenure and those are the things I’d hope to tackle like sportsmen welfare and other basic things.

I: have you served the hall in any capacity before?

PE: Yes, I have. I was a committee member under Dr. Motoni Toni and Dr. Daniel Onobun. I worked closely with them and to an extent I understand the workings of the sporting system in ABH.

I: Working in these committees over the years what exactly do you plan to do differently?

PE: One thing I know needs to be improved upon is the relationship between the sports ministry and the sportsmen. There’s no freedom from the sportsmen to bring something new to the ministry in the hopes that they’d be acted upon. Also I think sports education among brownites, basically how sports affect their lives and the need for brownites to see the importance of partaking in sports. I hope to educate brownites on this.

I: If you are elected as the sports minister, what will be your visions, plans and objectives for the tenure?

P.E: I have a lot of plans but you will have to hear them from me at the manifesto. I will be sharing them there.

I: Being a sportsman how do you feel about having an opponent in the elections?

PE: Having an opponent is the perfect thing for any sportsman. Sports teaches you respect for your opponent. Having an opponent has helped me work harder. Its helping me strive to be the best and it has me wanting to come out on top.

I: You and your opponent in this election have been on the same team before most recently in the ABH league which you and him won. So what edge do you think you have over your opponent?

PE: My opponent is definitely a worthy one and is someone I know can do the job as well. However, I know I am better than him. Why? Because we’ve played in the same team from ABH league to the inter-hall cup and in all these teams I have been chosen captain over him because I have better leadership attributes and the trust of the managers. I also always stand as a beacon of hope to the team whenever I am around. The team has this extra will to do more whenever I’m on the field. I have led the ABH team to victory in the CMD cup and I have led my ABH league team, Wolves, to victory twice in the ABH league. I feel like I have what it takes to motivate people to do more.

I: How would you convince a Brownite who is indifferent towards sporting activities to be active in sports?

P.E: Thank you very much for the question sir.

I’d like to educate Brownites as best as I can by telling them that:

Firstly, sports is a great avenue to build a good level of self esteem and confidence to face other challenges one faces in other aspects of life. Sports also helps in acquisition of good leadership attributes, discipline, team spirit, will power and the determination to win, and as students in the health sector, these attributes will go a long way to make us better health professionals

Secondly sports help in the development of social skills. One of the ways to develop this is by getting involved in team based activities eg sports. It gives you the opportunity to communicate new ideas, listen to others and work as a team to achieve a common goal, as communication is very pivotal to growth, both personal and as a society.

Thirdly, a sound mind resides in a sound body and a sound body is not possible without sports and physical activities. Sports help in the development of a strong body and a better physique.

Also sport is a good means to relieve stress. In an educational system like ours that’s heavily stressful, sports calms the mind and it’s also a means to let out frustration from school and stress in an orderly way. It releases feel good endorphin that helps the participant relax and revamp the individual enthusiasm to get on better with life challenges.

I: Lastly, you’re well known in the sporting world recently winning sportsman of the year in both the UIMSA awards and ABH awards but do you think that’s enough for people to vote for you?

PE: Well for me to have such a record means I have passion and love for the game I’m always willing to give my very best. So people can trust me to bring that attitude and zeal to the administrative aspect of ABH sports. So definitely I think it’s an aspect that people should consider. Although there are other aspects and people would need to hear my plans for the sporting world at the manifesto and all that should make my fellow brownites vote me for this position.

I: Thank you for your time

PE: You’re welcome..

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