ABHPress met with Mr Jegede Olaoye, ABHs’ newly elected chairman following the earlier conducted virtual election. He was glad to share with Brownites and it was lovely time. Here is a peep into the life and plans of Mr Jegede;

Jegede Olaoye
Jegede Olaoye

ABHPress: Good day, Congratulations on your election into office as the Chairman of the Alexander Brown Hall, UCH. for the 2020/2021 Academic session. Can you introduce yourself?

Mr Jegede: I am Jegede Olaoye Ajiboye, a 500 level medical student and Chairman Alexander Brown Hall (Home of the best brains in Nigeria). I am passionate, goal-oriented and a motivator with a good sense of initiative.

ABHPress: Tell us a little about your favourite childhood memory.

Mr Jegede: I grew up in Ayeso street, Ilesa, Osun State. My happiest memory was the day I got a report card from a primary school I briefly attended (I left the school the day a teacher flogged me). I took almost if not the last position in my class. Coming home overwhelmed with fear of what I would face but on getting home, my dad looked at me, smiled, collected the report card opened it, closed it back and smiled again. He said “You have tried your best” and gave me some money to buy a cold drink. I did not use any soap before you start asking me to cut soap for you. It was a great miracle.

ABHPress: Before becoming the ABH chairman, have you been involved in any other form of student politics?

Mr Jegede: Yes, I have been involved in a few. I was the Special Duties Officer of UCH Students Association 2018/2019 tenure, Chairman NAOSS electoral committee 2017-2019, President Federation of Ijesa Students’ Union, UI Chapter. I have also served in several committees in ABH and the USA.

ABHPress: What inspired you to run for the chairman of ABH?

Mr Jegede: I am passionate about service and leadership. I decided to go for the position of Hall Chairman because I believed I have enough experience to give Brownites the best representation and make ABH a home for all.

ABHPress: What’s your preference, food or junk?

Mr Jegede: I prefer food.

ABHPress: What are your core values?

Mr Jegede: My core values include Faith, discipline, diligence, accountability and perseverance.

ABHPress: What should Brownites expect from you this tenure?

Mr Jegede: I will say that I am privileged to have dedicated and hardworking people in my cabinet. I want to assure Brownites that there will be a prompt response to their needs and they will not regret voting for us.

ABHPress: On behalf of the ladies, do you have any significant other?

Mr Jegede: (Laughs) All I can say for now is that my ribs are complete.

ABHPress: Are there specific shortcomings from the previous year you plan to fix?

Mr Jegede: They did a fantastic job. They left a good legacy that we will uphold and build upon.

ABHPress: Asides from being the hall chairman and a medical student, do you currently occupy other roles both within and outside the hall?

Mr Jegede: Yes, I am a science tutor for jamb students. I am the General Secretary of the USA, the president of the federation of Ijesa Students’ Union, Ui Chapter, the transport secretary of the UCH Christian fellowship and the Drama Coordinator of AUCS.

ABHPress: Hanging out with friends or taking a nap, which would be caught doing on a cool Saturday evening?

Mr Jegede: Hanging out with friends. I like visiting new places and meeting new people.

ABHPress: What are your top 3 leisure activities?

Mr Jegede: Surfing the internet, watching movies and hanging out and Gisting with my friends

ABHPress: In all your time as a student, what has been the highlight for you?

Mr Jegede: The day I was announced the most dedicated executive in UCH Christian fellowship for 2018/2019 tenure. It was a big one for a boy that people begged to attend fellowship activities while in preclinical school. I felt happy doing something for God.

ABHPress: What has been your most challenging moment so far in school?

Mr Jegede: It was few days to MB 1, I had not paid my school fees but God came through.

ABHPress: Asides from medicine, what other career path do you find interesting?

Mr Jegede: Teaching, I will love to own a school someday.

ABHPress: How do you deal with stress?

Mr Jegede: I check WhatsApp status updates of specific people and we move.

ABHPress: What is the one thing you hope to achieve in a few years from now?

Mr Jegede: A Godly family.

ABHPress: Do you have a mentor, if yes who?

Mr Jegede: Yes, Ojo Oluwaniyo

ABHPress: Leave brownites with a few words.

Mr Jegede: Of the greatest brownites!!!, Thank you for the opportunity you have given me and the trust you have in me. You will not be disappointed. I look forward to seeing you all on physical resumption.

ABHPress: Thank you for your time, Mr Jegede. Thank you for sharing with us, we look forward to a successful administration.

Mr Jegede: Thank you for the opportunity to do so.

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