By Tobi Caleb, ABH PRESS

Rumours that started a couple of days ago claim that Henry Cavill – “The Man of Steel” is dropping his red cape and blue tights after a break down in the talks between the actor’s representatives and Warner Bros which was aimed at recruiting the superstar for a cameo in the upcoming DC flick – Shazam!

Warner bros has reportedly shifted its focus to an origin story of Supergirl. This effectively removes an actor of Cavill’s age from the storyline’s equation given that Superman (Kal-El) would be an infant.
Another reason which may help explain the decision to ardent DC fans (yours truly is NOT one of them!) is the fact that Warners isn’t likely to make a solo Superman film for at least several years, and when it decides to do so, a new face will be sought.
There appears to be no friction between both camps, however the actor in question posted a cryptic message on Instagram in response to the rumours.

While Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck (Batman) seem to be segueing out, the other Justice League counterparts appear to be making themselves at home in the enterprise as fans eagerly await solo movies of Flash, Aquaman, and the Sequel to Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

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