Hall Chairman vs MBBS 2K18: Assembly fines Chairman, both parties to write apology letters





Following the Hall Chairman’s release on Tuesday, 29th March, 2022, on the hall’s letterhead, recounting the squabble which transpired between him and some members of the MBBS 2K18 Class, who happened to be playing music through loud speakers to celebrate a football tournament win on the night of Thursday, 24th March, 2022; an emergency Hall Assembly Meeting held on Wednesday, 30th March, 2022 to look into the issue. The meeting took place at the Famewo Common Room (FCR).

Few minutes into the kickoff of the meeting, the Hall Chairman’s account of the incident was read out to the hearing of the house by the clerk, after which a representative of the MBBS 2K18 Class was given the opportunity to narrate the other side of the story. In his speech, he challenged the verity of some points made in the release made by the Hall Chairman. For example, he said Mr Jegede never suggested that they could use FCR for their party, which is in contradiction to the part of Mr Jegede’s letter that reads “…that they can go to the ABH FCR, just to stop them from disturbing other Brownites further.” He also stated that it was never true that the members of his class made an attempt to beat the Hall Chairman up, as had been being peddled in the hall according to his claims.

An honourable member of the assembly pointed out that the part of the letter which reads “On a particular day few weeks earlier, a group comprising almost the same set of people had gathered in the same location carrying out the same act. It was late in the night, and a good number of F and E Block residents called me that they could not sleep that night and that it is not fair on them as there was no advert or BC that any event was going to hold was not true as this particular night was the BMLS Bon Fire Night. The Hall Chairman said nothing to refute this, but confirmed that this particular night was indeed the BMLS Bon Fire Night. The honourable asserted that saying the boys were the organisers of the party that particular night was false and that the said party had been beforehand announced.

Other accusations were made against Mr Jegede in the meeting by some honourables in the gathering. Major ones among others were that: 

1. The Hall Chairman inappropriately made use of the hall’s letterhead to make a personal statement. This was tagged “an abuse of power” by one of the honourables.

2.The content of the letter he wrote was devoid of the whole truth. He was said, by one honourable, to have carefully crafted the letter “to make the boys look like the devils in the story”.

3.The letter he wrote came from personal issues he had had with some members of the MBBS 2K18 Class. It was said by one to be “malicious” and another to be “lopsided”.

4. He made no attempt to de-escalate the issue,but has as said by one “added more flame to the fire”; though Mr Jegede later gave explanations as to how he had made efforts to see that the issue did not get to the Students’ Disciplinary Committee (SDC).

Thus, the Hall Assembly ordered Mr Jegede to pay a fine of 2000 Naira for abusing the letterhead of the hall and to write a letter of unreserved apology to the MBBS 2K18 Class and Brownites, before the expiration of 48 hours, for making no attempt to de-escalate the issue. The motion was also moved that he must be seen to actively de-escalate the issue.

On the flip side, the members of the MBBS 2K18 Class who were involved in the incident were also said to be disrespectful to the Hall Chairman. Therefore, the assembly ordered the class to write a letter of unreserved apology to the Hall Chairman, also within the space of 48 hours.

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