Faulty Water Pump: ‘We Are Yet To Figure Out What The Problem Is’— Salami



On Friday, 8th July, 2022, a WhatsApp Broadcast Message was circulated among Brownites informing them that water pumps for Blocks E, F and G had gone haywire and that they would not be serviced till the Eid-Mubarak Celebrations were over.



In consequence, Brownites are now left with the options of either fetching water from Block A or the Ayodele Falase Post Graduate Hall, contingent upon promixity and convenience. ABH Press asked some Brownites about how the experience of walking relatively long distances to get water had been for them. They however spoke on condition of anonymity. A Brownite said, “Going to PG Hall to fetch water is unusual and has been stressful. It is not easy and I am not entirely happy about it. We hope the problem is fixed soon so that we can enjoy the break.”

Another Brownite said, “I won’t say it’s that bad. I wanted to wash clothes at G Block, so it took me walking just few steps to the PG Hall. The water running was also fast. That was on Saturday. But when I wanted to take my bath yesterday (Sunday evening), I got water from one of the bathrooms at F Block, though the water was slow. I also got water from there this morning.”

In the middle of the discussion with this Brownite, he suddenly discovered that the bucket of water he had fetched from F Block had been stolen.

He said afterwards, “The experience this morning is bad. They stole my water. I am vexed now. I had to go to PG Hall to fetch another bucket of water. Now, my hands are red and shaking.”

In a discourse with the Hall Chairperson on Saturday night, David Salami, he revealed:

“A central pump serves E, F and G Blocks. We noticed that this pump was not working, hence the water scarcity. We are working hard to ensure the pump is fixed as soon as possible. We should also have a definite time once the problem has been accessed. As at now, we only know the pump is not working. We do not know what exactly the fault is and the cost implication. So all we can say is ‘soon’. The repair would be done by the management, so we will keep reminding them of how urgent and important it is.”

According to Mr Salami, there are still clouds of doubts as to what the problem is and what its solution would be. Thus, Brownites’ present predicament might persist longer than expected. Nevertheless, we hope all is brought back to normalcy in good time.

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