N.B: This article has been revised due to some confusion caused by the initial version. 

At about 9.30pm on Sunday, 26th of June, a number of Brownites complained about the prices of the chicken and chips vendor (beside the TV room) popularly known as “Uncle Leke”. He was said to have inflated the price for chicken and chips to ₦1,800. Brownites would recall that, about three weeks ago, on the 5th of June, an updated vendors price list was circulated on WhatsApp groups, courtesy of the office of the Social and Buttery Minister (SBM).

Vendors Price List
Vendors Price List

The list as seen above shows that the price of chicken and chips is slated for #1,500. This was why the affected Brownites called the attention of the Social and Buttery Minister to the price discrepancy. According to Brownites who witnessed the occurence, the SBM came together with some members of her committee and pleaded with Mr Leke to reduce his price to #1,700. They gave an ultimatum, that if he did not comply he would not be allowed to sell for that night and only allowed to resume his services when ready to comply.

Also, the Defence Minister of the hall, some security men and a number of Brownites who were present joined in the plea but Mr Leke insisted on his price, hence, he was told to pack up his things and leave. The affected Brownites were refunded and other persons who wanted to patronise him were turned away.

In an interview with the Social and Buttery Minister, Miss Ebunoluwa Adedeji, she expressed her utmost displeasure at Mr Leke’s refusal to recognise the office of the SBM as regarding regulation of prices, stating that “he increases his prices without letting the SBM know”, also explaining that “I stood my ground and said he is not selling today, because he has disrespected my office today, and on several other occasions. I am not sending him away from the hall, he can come back tomorrow with the prices we agreed upon”.

She revealed that he had been warned on multiple occasions to sell at reasonable prices. The Hall Executive Council (HEC) had also had a meeting with him where a price of #1,500 was agreed upon, and nothing more than #1,700 for larger sizes of chicken. This informed the updated vendors price list.

However, following the meeting with the HEC, he repeatedly refused to comply with the regulated prices. She opined that he was being inconsiderate as agreed prices already earned him substantial profit, from the large pool of Brownites who patronised him.

On speaking with a concerned Brownite, about Mr Leke’s increasing prices he stated that “Considering the economy, the extra work he puts into marinating and grilling, I think the regulated price is fair. I noticed the size of the #1,500 piece reduced though. Yes, I am aware that before the vendors list was released, he has been increasing his prices.” Another Brownite, stated that he bought chicken and chips for #1,800 last week. It should be noted that this was after the vendors price list was released (3 weeks ago). He further stated that “I’ve never bought for #1,500, always higher”. 

In a bid to resolve this issue, Miss Ebunoluwa Adedeji’s committee has been taking active steps to introduce a new chicken and chips vendor that will sell at reasonable prices.



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