The monthly Alexander Brown Hall fitness exercise which took place yesterday held in conjunction with the fitness program of Hamstring Club. About 26 Brownites were in attendance with Anjolaoluwa Oluwole, the Deputy Hall Chairperson in charge of the program, and Timileyin Atiyeye, the sports secretary of NIMELSSA as program coordinator.

There were 3 different sessions of the program: jogging exercise, yoga stretches, and dance. Rockson Godwin led the jogging exercise, Lanre Ajeigbe, a 600 level Dental student led the yoga stretches, and Ifeoluwa Ayodele, a 500 level BMLS student coordinated the dance. While speaking with Anjola she regarded the turn-out of the event to be fair noting that the merger with the Hamstring club program improved turnout. Olorunyomi Fola-Adetayo, the sports secretary of UIMSA remarked“Well, the turn out improved as we progressed so that’s a good thing and this shows that a bit of improvement on the attitude of Brownites towards the fit program”.

On the importance of the ABH fit to Brownites, Anjolaolwa states three things as the reasons for ABH fit which are: To imbibe a fitness culture, to foster friendships among Brownites, and to improve and support the mental and emotional well being of the Brownites. In addition to this, Olorunyomi said “I don’t think the importance of exercising can be overemphasized especially among health care professionals who spend more time caring for others than they do themselves” According to her, ABH fit is an opportunity for Brownites to have fun while practicing what they preach as well as meeting new people.

In an interview with Brownites who attended the ABH fit, Fiyin Atinmo commented on how the fit has been helpful to him.“It’s been physically and mentally entertaining. At least I know I have exercise to look forward to every month and meet at least one new person at every gathering. They should never stop it. Brownites that do not come for ABH fit are missing out”; he said.


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