Brownites Participate in ABH Keep fit exercise


On Saturday, 20th August 2022, Brownites had a relishing experience at the Keep Fit Exercise. The programme was organised by UADS in conjunction with ABH and APS. The programme which was scheduled to commence at 6:30am, did not commence until around 7:00am, as many participants arrived late at the point of convergence – the ABH Volleyball Court.

The programme was in three parts: jogging, stretching and dancing, in sequential order. Participants jogged from ABH Gate, through Circular Road, back to the starting point.
After the jogging exercise, participants converged at the ABH Volleyball Court for the stretching exercises session, which was coordinated by Dr Dapo, one of the trainers.


The final part of the program, the dancing session, was coordinated by Tito Yusuff, a Brownite. The participants were shown the different dance steps they were to follow. However, not everyone present participated in this activity.

In a brief interview with the UADS Sports Secretary, Arokoyo Kehinde, he said, “It was nice, thrilling and energetic. Apart from the jogging, the program was not really stressful. The included dancing session made it more fun. The UCH Walk For Fitness Exercise affected the turnout. Nevertheless, we had a good number of attendees.”

Oladejo Emmanuel, a participant, also shared his experience. “The experience was heart-warming. Exercise causes a release of endorphins in the body. It also keeps the spirit, soul and body in perfect harmony. I wish we could do this every month,” he said.

The Keep Fit Exercise ended at 8:09 am, after which the participants were given water to drink.

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