-By Chinedu Nwaduru, ABH PRESS

Following the unannounced arrival of the porters, the ABH PRESS spoke with some of the officials of the Hall Management.

They decried the alarming rate at which power was being consumed in the hall, stating that last month’s bill was over 3.5 million naira.

This was also disclosed to members of the Hall Assembly on Tuesday by the Hall Warden, Dr. F.A. Bello.

“We have to start taking measures to control how we utilize power in ABH”, said another porter of the hall.

“The way some Brownites are living in the hall is really amazing and scary. In a room,a person owns a TV, airconditioner, electric plate, a fridge, iron and so much more. And all these are being powered by the hall. This is way above the average student in any UI hotel”

The Hall Management further said that they will be more proactive in their resolve to curb excessive use of power in the hall,one of which will be periodic, unannounced visits to the rooms to confiscate some of these electrical appliances.

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