UNILAG, LAGOS- At the recently concluded LMUN 2018, Chinedu Nwaduru (600 Level, Medicine and Surgery) emerged with the Outstanding Delegate Award for the General Assembly out of 40 delegates, along with eight other delegates from other committees.

Held at the Faculty of Law, from August 12 to 15, the Lagos Model United Nations organised by the Faculty of Law, the University of Lagos, is the biggest annual conference held in West Africa by a Nigerian school, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. 20180815_091318Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches participants researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Recognised globally, it has become a yearly event for schools and countries, includes Harvard, Oxford, Rome, Washington DC to mention a few.

Representing the United Arab Emirates at the First Committee of General Assembly, one of the nine simulated committees of the Conference (General Assembly I, General Assembly III, Security Council,  Commission on the Status of Women(CSW), Peace and Security Council of The African Union, United Nations Children’s Fund, United Nations Environment Assembly, The Executive Council of the African Union and Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union) with the topic of focus on Cybercrime and Innovation, Chinedu emerged with the Award for the Best Delegate, Award for the Best speech, Award for Best Speaker and finally as the Outstanding Delegate of the General Assembly I.


Announced at the closing ceremony, all Outstanding delegates from the various committees would be given free slots to participate at the Abuja Model United Nation, holding at the International Conference Centre, Abuja from September 8 to 12 this year.

At the 2017 LMUN, ten brownites attended the conference as a delegation, returning with the award of Outstanding Delegation: Afolaranmi Segun, Jesutofunmi Omiye, Kemi Olalude, Julia Igwe, Othniel Ojo, Benjamin Eromosele, Edward Olufunmilayo, Roseben Anyanwu and Oreoluwa Morakinyo; all members of the 600 level class, Medicine and Surgery; with Oreoluwa awarded as a Distinguished Delegate of the Economic Council of the African Union (ECAU), and Jesutofunmi with the Awards of Honorary Mention and Best Speech for the General Assembly


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