What started as a seemingly harmless joke has led to the greatest battle in the 21st century. A 22-year-old Arizona man named Josh Swain created a Facebook group for “the Joshes”, when the coronavirus pandemic started last year, challenging them to a fight to the death, that will decide who keeps the name. This fight, which many thought to be a joke, eventually did take place on Saturday, April 24, 2021.


On Saturday, Lincoln’s Air Park Green Area became a field of sand and blood as several Joshes battled with their pool needles (you didn’t think they actually battled to the death did you?). This battle was a viral sensation with #JoshFight trending on Twitter. At the end of this fierce battle, Little Josh, a four year old boy emerged as the winner. When interviewed, little Josh mentioned that he loved fighting. At least now we know that we have to be careful around these four year olds.

Little Josh


This was not just a day for fun and games, the combatants donated money, amounting to over $8,000 for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Foundation in Omaha. Part of this funds was also to be used in treating little Josh who has suffered from seizures since he was 2. What an amazing day it was.

At the end of this battle, one thing we know for sure is that Josh won. We can only hope that the “Bolas” have a fierce battle of their own; to decide who officially keeps that name.

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