Ahmed Ololade Asake, popularly known as Asake, is steadily but surely becoming a force to reckon with in the Nigerian music industry. He was brought into the limelight by his single “Mr Money” which was released in 2020. Since the release of his debut extended playlist, the YBNL-signed artist has been constantly dropping hit singles. Though he never failed to get us dancing with the songs, it was usually hard to tell if the song playing was “Sungba” or not until 15 seconds into the song. His seemingly monotonous sound however did not deter Nigerians from listening to him, as his songs still constantly topped the charts. This meant, whatever it was that he was doing, it was definitely working.

Owing to his track record since he became mainstream and singles off the album like “Terminator” and “PBUY” that he had released, it was only natural that the announcement of his first studio album was met with excitement. And if I must say, he did not fail to deliver. The album reveals an artist that’s not only dedicated to his craft, but also immensely talented. Asake also shows us on the album the range of musical genres that he could pull off. The LP is breaking ground both home and abroad, with it becoming the highest charting debut Nigerian album on Billboard top 200 at number 66. Little did we know that he was not done blowing our minds.

While Nigerians were still savouring the good music gifted to us by the singer and his fans reveling in the success of the project, Asake dropped a snippet for a new song. This sent Twitter Nigeria into a delicious frenzy as it had been barely two weeks since the release of his debut album. Everyone shared the same sentiments: Yes, we love Asake and his hit songs but how does he constantly churn out new songs in quick succession? However, I guess it is only expected that he drives himself this hard because from all indications and backstory, he toiled with his art till he eventually became the huge success we see today.

For all Asake fans, there will be a concert in Lagos at the end of this year. Will you be there to see Mr. Money with the vibe perform live?

Here’s a link to the album if you’re yet to listen to it:

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