The start of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics came with a lot of surprises and celebration. Surprises at the fact that despite COVID-19, the Olympic games are still holding and very much so. Surprises at the fact that the United States went ‘medalless’ at the end of Day 1.

With the surprises and panic came celebration and hope. The Olympics came as a silver lining in the clouds of COVID 19. The 2020 Olympic games are currently being held at Tokyo, Japan.

Japan came environmentally prepared for the games as regards the medals. The medals were recycled from used phones and in that way, getting their medals made and reducing the country’s environmental pollution.

The games started off to a great start for China, who went home with three gold medals. And although, the U.S. started off to a bad start, day two of the games saw them claiming four gold medals.

The day two results have seen People’s Republic of China, Japan, United States of America, South Korea and ROC in the top five positions respectively.

Although Nigeria is yet to win any medal so far, our hope is that we win some in the coming games.

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