• By Irene Opara

    ABH, IBADAN – The tale of the “crazy” lady who caused some sort of menace at A block is already stale gist. If you have not heard of it, then you must have been living under a rock or totally out of data. But as all rumours are known for, there are different shades of the story. I myself have heard of at least three versions; one being that the woman in question took yam from one floor and went to another floor in search of knife, another that she just randomly picked a knife she saw and started threatening lives and third, that she was roaming around A bock with raw yam searching desperately for a knife. Different people, different information.

     ABH press got an exclusive with the lady directly involved with the “dioscorea-knife” incident. She narrates: 

      “I was on the corridor of my floor when a dark skinned woman approached me with half a tuber of yam in hand inside a black nylon bag and she said to me “excuse me young lady, please can you lend me your knife? I want to peel my yam” I was curious as to why she needed to peel yam that late in the night so I asked her “  do you have a relative on the ward or do you live nearby?” she said “ I sleep outside and I have nowhere else to go”. I then went into my room and picked up my knife and gave it to her, immediately she got hold of the knife, she started screaming “I CAN WAGE WAR! I CAN WAGE WAR!” I got scared and ran into my room and locked the door. Then she took the knife, peeled the yam and put on my gas cylinder. As the gas was escaping into the air, she took water from my neighbors drum and washed the yam then she came back to my room and started saying “ I want to cook my yam, I want to cook my yam” I tried explaining to her that she cannot cook the yam here, then she asked for a place to dispose of the yam peels, I directed her to the dustbins and as she was heading there, I quickly came out, took the knife and switched off the gas cylinder. Then she came back and started pleading “please let me cook my yam, please I want to cook my yam” I told her no and asked her to go and then she reluctantly left. While all these were happening, my roommate called the information minister and the defense minister. When the defense minister arrived she was nowhere to be found, she was later seen going towards A block by around 23:30pm. She was severely warned not to come back to ABH else she would have no one else to blame but herself for the outcome.

    What an eventful night for those ladies.

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