Alchemy Of Souls – A Work of Art


Alchemy of Souls, Alchemy of Souls and even more Alchemy of Souls. If you have not heard of this Korean series, it can only be one of two things; you have no friends whatsoever or you have been in a coma all month. It is a series all Kdrama lovers swear by. It is the drama they recommend to those who have not tried Korean dramas. It has supposedly won over many staunch Kdrama antagonizers. You are probably tired of hearing about it and wondering if it actually lives up to the hype. I can confidently inform you, having tried it myself, that it definitely does. Alchemy of Souls is irrefutable proof that Koreans do not just excel at romance but are just as capable of delivering when it comes to fantasy.

Alchemy of Souls tells the story of a young man, Jang Uk who simply cannot seem to find a master willing to teach him the art of magic and fighting. He ends up entangled with an assassin on the run. She takes him under her wing in a bid to use him to restore powers she lost while performing a type of sorcery called Alchemy of Souls. It refers to the art of transferring your soul into another person’s body. Unfortunately for the assassin, the body she transfers her soul to is unique in many ways including the unexpected fact that it is blind and physically weak.

A proud assassin in the body of a blind girl who never did a day of exercise in her life.

The duo enter into the most bizarre agreement wherein she teaches him the skills he needs and in return, he restores her powers when he becomes strong enough so she can continue as an assassin. In the interim, her daytime job is to serve as his maid. They are bound to a pretence of master and servant in public but student and Master in private. It makes for the most comical dynamic that will have you laughing your head off.

That, in addition to the fact that the assassin has zero qualms about making Jang Uk undergo training that can very well kill him and actually nearly does, makes Alchemy of Souls comedy gold.

If you are in the market for a wholesome series that will you make you laugh, leave you anxious and still have you wanting more, I can not recommend Alchemy of Souls enough. It is top-tier in so many ways. With Season 2 scheduled to be released in December, all Alchemy of Souls fans, myself included, are waiting with bated breaths for what the producers have in store. Be sure to give it a watch before then. If you have watched, let me know what your favourite and least parts were in the comment section.

P.S If you happen to be an anime fan, you should definitely watch Alchemy Of Souls. 

  1. Tolu says

    Favorite part when jang- uk defeated the crown prince
    Least when mu-deok stabbed jang -uk

    1. Sunmi Eweje says

      I did not see that stab coming. I thought they would play it the normal way and she would calm down after he spoke to her. I was shook. ?

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