On Wednesday, 8th September 2021, a fierce battle occurred on the SUB pitch, University of Ibadan. There were casualties but thankfully, no fatalities were recorded. The ABH female football team faced the Awo Hall team in a not-so-friendly match. The match, initially scheduled to begin at 4 pm didn’t start until around 5:40 pm as we had to wait out the match between the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Queen Idia Hall team. The battle of the queens was entertaining to watch but also served to heighten the tension as we awaited the second match between our ABH and the Awo Hall football team.

Our impressive lineup:

Goalkeeper: Rachael
Defenders: Eunice, Rahemat
Mid-fielder: Ogadinma
Strikers: Ore, Eseosa

Both teams graced the field to play a five-a-side football match donned in beautiful jerseys; ABH women in black jerseys, and the Awo team in bright red jerseys. The dark clouds had been threatening a downpour since 4 pm but it appeared that even the rain awaited the match with baited clouds. The match kicked off with the ABH keeper having to make a superb save. The Awo team clearly was not there to play, as that was the first of many other shots on target fired in quick succession. The ABH defence remained strong, with Eunice and Raheemat holding the fort as Rachael, made several outstanding saves.
In the heat of things, there was a foul, a handball by the ABH team, and consequently, it was a penalty to Awo. Miriam (Awo) took the penalty and it went right into the net, earning the Awo team their first goal. The ABH team immediately responded with a beautiful shot on target, which unfortunately hit the crossbar. It was a close one though.
Not to be deterred, the ABH team fired on, making a few substitutions as they relentlessly locked horns with the fantastic Awo Hall team. Miriam (Awo) proved to be a force to be reckoned with as she defended, dribbled, and struck with lightning efficiency, all at the same time. In no time, she scored yet another goal for the Awo Hall team, making the scoreline two-nil. And then it was half-time.
The ABH team ramped up their attack in the second half as they fired two shots in quick succession but the Awo goalkeeper skillfully blocked them. The Awo team was not to be left out as Lade and Miriam fired shots at the ABH goalpost, and these were also adeptly blocked by Rachael, the ABH goalkeeper.
ABH had to substitute off her best player, Ogadinma, who had a knee injury but by a stroke of luck, or a miracle, in fact, she came back on and immediately fired a nice cross from the right. Unfortunately, that went off the bar. The ABH team defence kept saving the team as the Awo players refused to relent in their attacks. Rachael, the ABH goalkeeper was the saviour as she made several saves for the team. Eseosa from ABH proved to be a phenomenal attacker, making swift moves on the ball. However, Rachael must be remembered as our hero, as she worked tirelessly to keep the scoreline respectable. There’s perhaps a limit to how much ‘luck’ can give, as Ogadinma got injured again and had to be subbed off with only a few minutes left in the game.
The referee eventually brought the game to a close before the ABH team could successfully score a goal and the game ended two-nil. Regardless of the outcome, the ABH team left the pitch with their head raised high as we sang the praises of Rachael, the phenomenal goalkeeper. The Awo team also left rejoicing, celebrating Miriam, their hero. The ABH team can be described as dauntless and tenacious, boasting of several star players who strived tirelessly to the end. All in all, it was a good game and the heavenly showers heralded us off the pitch.

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